The Best Citrus Juicer: Reviews by Wirecutter

The Breville 800CPXL was our original luxury pick, and for good reason: Tim Cooper of Sweetwater Social in NYC has used it to make “gallons of juice” and recommends it for home use because “it’s really easy to clean, everything’s metal, everything comes off really easily, it lasts a very long time.” Lisa McManus of America’s Test Kitchen described[…]

The Best Waffle Maker: Reviews by Wirecutter

The Proctor Silex Large Belgian Waffle Maker (26016A) was our former top pick, but the manufacturer has since discontinued it. If you manage to find this model, it does make great waffles in big batches for a decent price, but it doesn’t have removable plates or an audible ready signal like our new top pick, the Krups GQ502D.[…]

The Ceiling Fan I Always Get: Reviews by Wirecutter

Photo: Rozette Rago Our pick The Westinghouse Comet 52-Inch moves plenty of air, doesn’t make a sound, and comes with decent hardware and customer support. Its domed light and five blades have an understated style that you probably won’t notice, and it usually costs less than $100, putting it in the affordable realm for a quality ceiling fan.[…]

The Best Dehumidifier: Reviews by Wirecutter

Our pick The Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 is the best all-around package we found in a home dehumidifier. It brought a basement measuring 850 square feet (plus some crawlspace) from 70 percent humidity down to 45 percent humidity after one overnight session on its medium fan setting; on its low setting, it steadily held the air between 50 and 55[…]

The Best Portable Induction Cooktop for 2019: Reviews by Wirecutter

The Duxtop 8100MC, our former top pick, continues to be a solid, well-priced pick. However, although we found that it boiled relatively quickly, coming in second only to the IKEA Tillreda, it didn’t cook as evenly as the upgraded Duxtop 9100MC. And unlike the newer model, it doesn’t have a slanted control panel, so it’s trickier to use[…]

The Best High-End Ranges for 2019: Reviews by Wirecutter

Brand reputation We made sure that at least a few chefs, designers, and dealers vouched for the quality (and pedigree) of our picks. We’re leaning on the word of the experts because there’s not much objective data available about these ranges’ performance, reliability, or customer service. And we don’t have a facility where we can test these ranges[…]

The Best Chest Freezers for 2019: Reviews by Wirecutter

Manual-defrost machines (obviously) need periodic defrosting. Frost buildup consumes space inside the freezer and compromises the machine’s overall performance and efficiency, as frost hinders the freezer’s ability to pump heat out of the interior. The general rule of thumb is to defrost whenever the buildup reaches one-quarter of an inch, but you can put off this task by[…]

The Best Slow Cooker for 2018: Reviews by Wirecutter

Photo: Sarah Kobos Our pick The Hamilton Beach Set & Forget 6 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker cooked the best meals in our tests. It made the most succulent pot roast, and unlike other cookers, which got too hot, it didn’t overcook beans. The Set & Forget also has some of the best features of any cooker we’ve tested,[…]

The Best Robot Vacuums for 2018: Reviews by Wirecutter

Photo: Liam McCabe Navigation is the hardest and most important thing It’s tricky to make a robot vacuum navigate through your home without getting stuck or lost. Bruno Hexsel, a former software engineer for Neato, told us that he spent a huge chunk of his time at the company working on algorithms to help robots get unstuck from[…]

The Best Upright Freezers for 2018: Reviews by Wirecutter

We weren’t able to do any hands-on testing, so we devoted our time to researching, spreadsheeting, and reading about all of the top available freezers—a process that took dozens of hours over the course of several weeks. Once we were done with the research we sifted through all of the data to find the freezers that struck the[…]