Best Microwave Oven 2018

Best Microwave Oven 2018

Whether you agree or not, a kitchen without a microwave is incomplete. It doesn’t matter if you cook all your meals on a stovetop, the microwave comes into play at some point when its least expected. Imagine this, you come home, exhausted and dead hungry, too tired to switch on the stove; and then you remember the microwave on the kitchen counter and dinner is ready in like what! 5 minutes. Now that’s great.

However, with so many brands on the market, we have saved you the time and energy by compiling the best microwave oven in each category.

Top Microwave Brand for 2108

The Over the Range (Microhood) Microwave oven

This microwave is a two in one unit designed for small kitchens without adequate space. They are usually installed over the stovetop, hence the name over the range microwave oven. Even though they are great for most kitchens, they require a lot of work to ensure they are properly installed in a well-ventilated space in the kitchen. The over-the-range microwave needs fitting by a professional to avoid any hazards in future.

The pros of an over-the-range microwave oven


  • The most obvious reason is that you don’t have to bother about space as they can be fitted in the wall, between two cabinets, or any place/spot except on the kitchen counter. They are usually small but will deliver the same capacity as any microwave oven in the market.
  • Most homes with small kids will find that an over the range microwave is the best as it is far away from kids and pets. This means that you don’t bother about your kids reaching high above to play with it, except they are the really curious ones.
  • The microwave is fitted with fans that help remove food odor, smoke, stream, and other food smell out of the kitchen, and saves you money from buying an extra ventilator.
  • The recommended distance between the bottom of the microwave and the stovetop should be no lowers than 36 inches, which can be a problem for a small kitchen. The height is to avoid heat damage or a fire outbreak in your home


  • The obvious con is not been able to cook with large and tall cookware because of lack of space in the kitchen
  • Sometimes, the microwave loses its appeal because they are almost the same height as the kitchen cabinets which discomfort short people.
  • It required creating a space in your kitchen and a professional technician to install the microwave properly.
  • The fan in the microwave is not powerful enough to eliminate the food odor in the kitchen, and a second ventilating fan needs to be installed to control odor in the kitchen
  • If you can create space over the counter, an over the countertop microwave is the best for most families, and they have child lock safety too.
  • Our best pick for this model of the microwave is the


Our best pick for this model of the microwave is the

GE JVM3160DFBB 30 inch Over-the-range Microwave Oven

The mid-size design of this over-the-counter is great for small kitchen or in small rooms. It has a 1.6 cubic feet capacity and can handle a dinner plate and large cooking vessels. Although it’s made in the USA, the user manual is confusing, and you will need a technician to install it for you. The vent can be left as it comes or redirected to an outside vent for more power and efficiency.


  • • Has a power capacity of 1000 Watts
  • • Comes with auto buttons for defrosting and for popcorn, beverages, and potatoes with reheating
  • • Easy to use
  • • It is durable and easy to clean
  • • An excellent piece of equipment and good value for the money
  • • Very affordable


  • • No inner rack for grilling


The Speed Cooking Microwave Oven

Well if you are looking for an oven that cooks faster or wish your conventional oven could work faster, the speed oven might be what you are looking for. 6 brand names known for making the best combo speed ovens are namely: Bertazzoni, Bosch, GE Monogram, Jenn Air, Miele, and Viking.

So what are speed ovens?

They are ovens, but smaller in size and cook faster than the normal oven. They mostly come with a grill element. It is a 1.4 cubic feet in size. Individuals that buy this microwave oven love it for the following reasons



  • • It is small and cooks faster with causing any significant change to the taste, color or overcooking the food
  • • Reduces cooking time
  • • Combines conventional oven and microwave programs
  • • 15 setting program
  • • High power capacity
  • • Large interior for large cooking or a crowd
  • • Comes with infrared broiling system, residual heating, and temperature settings and controls
  • • Stainless steel interior create for an easy clean
  • • The microwave can be operated on a single mode
  • • Come with a preset roasting and baking programs


  • No Cons


Our best speed oven pick is the Jenn Air JMC2430DP

This speed oven offers a high-quality design with unbeatable performance and will turn a dull kitchen into a modern dreamland. The oven has some of the best features great for power speed cooking, broiling, microwaving and works three times faster than the conventional oven. The humidity sensor allows for foods to be cooked at the right temperature and time for delicious delicate food every time.


  • • Faster and smoother than most oven
  • • Have an open grill upper and 10 power levels
  • • Stainless steel for easy clean
  • • Very easy settings for any user
  • • It is in-built and consumes no space
  • • Large 30 inch interior for large cooking
  • • LCD control panels


  • • Very expensive


The Compact Microwave

With plenty small and durable microwave oven on the market, our top pick for the best compact microwave oven is

The EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven

Manufactured by the Japanese company with plenty of experience, the beautiful black microwave oven can accommodate a variety of dishes. You can defrost, reheat, cook, and boil faster than most conventional ovens in the same category.   The 0.9 cubic feet stainless steel or white interior comes with a 900-Watt power ideal for small spaces, and especially good for dorm rooms and small kitchen. It also features an interior LED lighting with large display windows allowing you to see in the oven without opening the door. It comes with 6 cook settings namely: popcorn, potatoes, frozen veggies, beverages, dinner plate, and pizza making for an easy programming and control panel. Furthermore, it has an inbuilt power save button and a quiet control to simulate quiet cooking time. Unlike most ovens, the Toshiba EM925A5A-BS exterior black finish blends with any kitchen decor and wall color.



  • • Easy to open and close the door
  • • Large, easy to grip the door handle
  • • One touch start cook button
  • • Excellent and fast heating process
  • • Power saving mode allowing you to save energy consumption and reduce the bills
  • • 10 adjustable power setting
  • • Comes with a turntable for even heating
  • • Child safety lock


  • • Too small for a large family


Customers Comments

Great microwave that heats food fast, excellent for all kinds of foods, even heat distribution and the noiseless feature is the most attractive feature on the Toshiba, besides the above features, it does occupy space and a great buy for the functions and value.

Countertop Microwave Oven

Countertops abound the market and were the first brands of microwave ovens to come into the shop. They have various designs, functions, and the best part is the price is amazingly affordable. The cost is remarkably amazing for the output and innovations in this oven. After looking through a lot of countertops, we have decided on what is the best for us and our pick is (drum roll)

The Panasonic NN-NS686S Countertop Microwave

This is our pick for the best overall countertop oven for energy efficiency, advanced inverter technology, space saving, great price, and an excellent design. The Panasonic has all metallic finish that doesn’t act as a fingerprint magnet. The mid-size microwave fits on any countertop without occupying too much space or interrupting movement in your kitchen, and yet it has enough space for a dinner plate or a 9-inch baking dish with even cooking and heating. The Panasonic oven is 1.2 cubic feet with 1200 Watts cooking power. Its inverter technology allows for cooking food slowly at an even temperature to lock in moisture and flavor, making every meal a treat without even trying. Furthermore, it comes with a sensor to keep food warm and to adjust power and temperature depending on the food in the oven. It also comes with the Panasonic turbo defrost which will melt foods at the precise temperature without cooking them. The technology also regulates the heat for delicate foods like chicken breast to cook under controlled temperature without denaturing the protein fiber. Lastly, it’s an ideal fit for any kitchen; traditional or contemporary, or sleek. Its one-touch sensor cook and reheat automated cooking system is capable of keeping food warm for 30 minutes


  • • Lightweight and not space consuming
  • • Inverter technology for even cooking
  • • Equal heat distribution
  • • Comes with an inbuilt program and easy to use display buttons
  • • It is affordable and durable
  • • Turbo defrost and quick heating with 7 pre-programmed settings
  • • Interior LED lighting and a large display window
  • • Has a power consumption of 1480 Watt.


  • • No obvious negative for now


Customer’s Comments

A countertop microwave is a good gadget even though; it takes over workable space in your kitchen.

What makes the Best Microwave?

Every microwave is high-grade in its own capacity, but what makes a good microwave oven is the power capacity. We are not saying that a unit of 700 watts will not work, but it won’t be as efficient as a 1000 and above watts. Not that you will not get results for whatever it does, but it might take longer if you are in a hurry and a high power capacity microwave gives you more flexibility and offers a range of settings.
The defrost mechanism is another feature a reliable microwave should have as most families and individuals that acquire a microwave are do so for instant cooking and defrosting. Conventional units cook the food instead of defrosting it. Most new microwaves have a thaw button and a cook button separately. Furthermore, they are now equipped with sensory and inverter technology that produces heat and accurate temperature to cook food evenly.
The ease of maintenance is a must with any microwave oven. With so many brands and eccentric designs, cleaning can be difficult after a food spill. Choose an oven with a smooth and level surface for easy cleaning to avoid your food from smelling bad.
The turntable and the size are accessories that every microwave should have in them. It should be strong and firm enough to hold a particular weight and still rotate ensuring uniform cooking. The child safety lock is one to include in a microwave when you are buying one in a home with kids, especially toddlers.
The timers on the microwave can be used during reheating or as a timer when cooking as a reminder. Other features that a microwave should have are multiple settings, noiseless, power saving, durability, functionality, and ease of use.

Guides to buying a Microwave Oven

The cost: depends on the model, make, brand, and features of the microwave. The price ranges from $70 dollars to thousands of dollars. Conventional and compact microwave costs below a hundred dollars while more sophisticated ovens will set you back some good money.

The size

The average microwave is about 22 inches wide to about 24 inches, and 17 to 20 inches deep. These measurements are things to think about when buying a microwave. Countertop microwave oven is very common, but for a small kitchen, it can take up much-needed space. With this information, you might consider an in-built microwave or one that will comfortably sit in your kitchen without hindering the flow.

The Purpose

The use will prompt the type of oven you need. Some questions you need to answer are; why do you need it, what will it occupy, and what kinds of food will it cook? Are you only defrosting and reheating, or will you be baking, grilling or maybe using all cooking methods?

The installation

Though the microwave will probably end up on the countertop of your kitchen, it is worth knowing how you will install it before purchasing it. However, if you have a small kitchen you might want to consider the size, and types of oven. Based on the position of the microwave, we have models like the countertop, over-the-range, in-built, compact, or speed microwaves.

What is a Microwave?

This common household appliance has changed the way we cook especially since the health propaganda is having everyone cook and eat their meals at home. The gadget was built to cook meals faster through electromagnetic radiation that cooks the food from the inside out. Originally used only in commercial kitchens, the microwave is now popular in all homes and office buildings.

Whatever your choice and wallet size, there is a microwave on the market for you. The above will give you an insight on what you should buy in your next oven shopping.

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