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What are FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules?

FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules are a set of rules set up by the Federal Trade Commission in 2015. Those rules ensure content readers are informed if the blogger/affiliate marketer promotes products for a partner company for money.

Given this reason, GetHomeAppliances, a review website for home appliances, comply with “The FTC Guidelines.” We wish to inform you that any/all of the links on the GetHomeAppliances website ( are affiliate links. We receive a small compensation from the sales of specific items we review.

GetHomeAppliances Affiliate Links

What are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are unique URLs that contain the affiliate’s ID or username. When these links are followed from an affiliate website, the advertiser’s website is notified of the link’s origin. When website visitors convert, the affiliate link helps the advertiser know the origin of the converted lead. This is called “Affiliate marketing.”

Following this program, when a reader follows our “affiliate link” to purchase an item, the reader is referred to the seller’s website. The seller’s website is where the transaction occurs.

Correspondingly, Amazon and other companies that adopt affiliate marketing pay GetHomeAppliances a small compensation for bringing product buyers.

Given these points, it’s worthy to highlight that product prices are the same notwithstanding the origin of the traffic. Whether affiliate link or not, the price or purchase experience for the visitor doesn’t change. In brief, affiliate links only direct the visitor to the visitor’s preferred product.

At, we work with two different types of affiliate programs.


Amazon Affiliate Program is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This program is designed to aid website owners to earn compensations by linking to and affiliated sites. Affiliates advertise and review products sold by and other websites affiliated to Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. In like manner, Compensation is paid to an affiliate when a product is sold using the affiliate’s link.

Product Affiliate Links

A product affiliate link is a unique link linked to a particular product. We get compensation when you purchase a product using that link.

To sum up, we review these products from a professional standpoint, and the seller does the selling. Again, purchases made from an affiliate link bear no extra charges.


What are Sponsored posts?

A sponsored post is a post published by a blogger who receives payment directly from the owner of the post. This payment is for publishing the post on the blog.

By and large, we do not publish sponsored posts. We value our readers, and we only provide authentic, unbiased product information from a professional’s point of view.

We’ll disclose the nature of a post if by chance we decide to publish any sponsored post. Furthermore, we recommend only products we’ve used, and we can recommend to our friends and family.

In fact, the purchase compensation we receive is invested in product research. This research is geared toward providing only genuine, trustworthy and reliable product reviews.

Thank you very much and always! Feel free to comment on our review and contact us if you have any question.